Company Ethics Matter To French Millennials

A survey has found that a company's ethics plays a large part in the way that French millennials feel about brands. GT Nexus and YouGov questioned internet users in France aged between 18 and 34 on the reasons that they had not bought from a 'preferred brand'. Whilst 29% said that quality problems played a part, a combined 34% of respondents said it was either because the company did not treat its employees well or because it was not eco-friendly. These results have come out at a similar time to a report from Greenpeace, claiming that large brands such as Amazon, Samsung and Twitter were amongst the least eco-friendly firms out of the top 70 in the world. The survey looked at the companies' honesty regarding energy use, renewable energy behaviour, efficiency and public advocacy. Samsung commented on the results, saying that it was "committed to an ongoing programme of lowering [its] impact on the environment". The results of both reports suggest that it is becoming increasingly important for brands to manage their own business practices.