CNN Buys Beme To Attract Younger Viewers

CNN has acquired the mobile video app Beme in an attempt to target younger viewers. The app was co-founded by the successful YouTuber Casey Neistat and is an effort by the television news agency to add a highly successful social media personality to the company. This fresh effort to attract consumers via digital comes after a study by Pew Research showed that half of internet users aged from 18 to 29 use the internet to access news, twice as many than use television. Meanwhile, 72% of those aged from 50 to 64 use television, whilst just 29% go online. CNN plans to shut down Beme, with the current team then developing a new brand which Neistat will be the face of. With a YouTube following of over 6 million users, this has been said to have the potential to be a new and significantly attractive news outlet for young people.