Chinese Sites Must Improve Omnichannel Offers

Recent research conducted by McKinsey shows that online retailers in China must improve their omnichannel offers and delivery options. This comes as the Chinese ecommerce market is beginning to slow, with its growth rate expected to go from 19% this year, to 16% next year. In order to improve this, Lambert Bu, a McKinsey consultancy partner in Shanghai has said that “shoppers have come to expect that their offline and online shopping activities will be integrated [seamlessly through multiple channels]”. When conducting the research, nearly 6,000 people were questioned about their online buying behaviour, and it was found that whilst most wanted use omnichannel experiences – such as ordering online and then collecting in-store – very few had been able to. McKinsey said that opportunities to do this for consumers were not being taken advantage of, suggesting that retailers look into advanced services such as VR, or increased investment in delivery speed to increase impulse shopping on platforms like WeChat.