Bing Takes Large Slice Of Google Search Market Share

According to a recently released survey from ComScore, Bing has taken a large chunk out of Google's search market share in the US and the UK. According to the data, Bing now holds almost exactly a third of the search market in the US on desktop PCs. It is also doing well in the UK, where it captures 26% of the country's search market share. It was noted, however, that this figure includes searches made on AOL and Yahoo, not just Bing itself, as these sites use Microsoft's technology. Whilst Bing's global share continues to hover around 9%, this impressive increase is set to surprise many marketers in these markets. The reason behind the sudden increase in success is thought to be due to the rise in popularity of both Microsoft's Window 10 operating system and the general use of voice search in more developed markets. Due to these factors, Microsoft's Cortana assistant now processes many more user searches automatically through Bing.