Bing Launches Upgraded URLs

Bing has launched Upgraded URLs for all advertisers worldwide. Upgraded URLs separate the landing page URL from the tracking parameters, and also allow advertisers to create a different landing page URL for mobile devices. By separating out the landing page URL and tracking parameters, Bing has made it possible for advertisers to edit just their tracking parameters, without requiring the ads to go through an editorial review. As the ads keep on running the whole time, this means that advertisers don't miss out on conversions. Tracking templates can be added at the account-level, campaign-level, ad group-level, ad-level, keyword-level and to sitelink extensions. Bing advises advertisers to add tracking parameters at the account-level, as this will allow advertisers to edit all their ads' tracking parameters with a single click. Both custom parameters and URL parameters can be added to tracking templates, giving advertisers more insights into where clicks have come from.