Baidu Relaxes Ban On Retail Forex Broker Advertising

Baidu has relaxed its ban on Retail Forex broker advertising that it introduced in mid-2016. Currently, the search engine has a flat-out ban on such advertising due to the amount of broker ads that act as fraud sites. The ban has hugely affected the way the industry advertises, due to the fact that Baidu accounts for around 70% of all searches in China. However, even when the rules are relaxed around the Retail Forex broker industry, Baidu will keep a strict view on Forex brokers, only distributing licenses after a case-by-case check on each application. Any adverts found to be in any way misleading will immediately have their license revoked and the ad removed. Baidu is expected to remain stringent with all types of advertising on its pages after false medical advertising caused major controversy for the company in 2016.