Baidu Launches China-Friendliness Test In Japan

Baidu has partnered with LXR to launch a service that tells Japanese companies if their websites are China-friendly. Chinese consumers are keen shoppers of Japanese products and Japanese companies are increasingly launching Chinese versions of their websites in an attempt to capitalise on this interest. However, many Japanese companies are unaware of just how different the Chinese internet market is, something that Baidu and LXR want to help with. Baidu and LXR now offer a service where they assess the accessibility of a Japanese client's website in China, and then offer practical solutions where there are accessibility problems. For example, if a website is linking to pages on Google, YouTube or Facebook, all of which are blocked in China, they will suggest linking instead to local equivalents such as Baidu, Youku and WeChat. They will also provide Chinese search data, with numbers being split both by device type and region, to give clients a clearer insight into where the strongest demand is coming from within China. Over half of the 24 million tourists who have visited Japan in the last year came from Chinese-speaking countries.