B2B Marketers Doubtful Over Programmatic Advertising

A new survey has revealed that B2B marketers are doubtful of the effectiveness of programmatic advertising. The study, from Dun & Bradshaw, asked a range of B2B executive marketers how much of their budgets would be assigned to programmatic advertising, with half responding saying that it would receive between 0% and 25%. A third said that between 26% and 50% of their budgets would go the same way. The same study also asked what challenges programmatic advertising presented. 40% said targeting the right audience was an issue, with 34% saying that it was difficult to measure ROI. Another study showed that B2C marketers have much less of an issue with programmatic. Over half said that they used programmatic for digital display advertising on a regular basis, with only a third of B2Bs saying the same.