Audience targeting strategies for global marketers

This webinar recording from February 2022 features talks from two brilliant speakers who recently gave these same presentations at our in-person International Search Summit event in Barcelona. It also includes Q&A sessions with the speakers.

The two talks given in this webinar are:

“Questions for search success: Why, who and how?” by Stefanie del Moral

In this talk, Stefanie del Moral from Signify will address the importance of setting a clear objective for your search strategy and how to properly cluster your audiences, as well as to test the user journey before the beginning of a campaign.

“How to implement effective multichannel marketing for international campaigns” by Zanna Spink

Consuming content from multiple sources has become so natural nowadays, that we no longer even notice how our attention jumps from one channel to another. This merry dance across various platforms gets even more complex when performed on an international scale, as specific aspects may differ significantly in each region – from which platforms customers use, to which formats they prefer to consume content in. In this talk, Zanna Spink from Webcertain will share her learnings and insights from working with B2B brands operating globally. She will look at how to leverage “big rock” content for multichannel campaigns run across different regions and how to use a range of tactics and platforms to drive more sales from global markets.