APAC To Become World's Largest Digital Travel Market

The Asia-Pacific region is set to overtake North America as the world's biggest digital travel market in the next year, according to predictions by eMarketer. North America currently spends around 190 billion US dollars on digital travel, such as buying plane tickets and other travel related goods online, only about 10 billion US dollars more than APAC. By 2017, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to spend around 215 billion US dollars on digital travel, compared North America's 200 billion US dollars. China is set to drive most of this growth, with digital travel sales predicted to grow by a staggering 36% in the country this year. This is being driven by the country's growing middle class and simpler Chinese visa rules being brought in. By 2020, China and the US are expected to account for 50% of all digital travel sales worldwide.