AMP Takes Off Worldwide

AMP is seeing huge growth across the world. Whilst after its launch, less than a quarter of Google News results showed the AMP icon, a recent study has shown that around half of results are now AMP-optimised. The study from RankRanger looked at 12 large markets around the world and each nation's use of AMP and found that only one had a mobile News Box containing less than 50% AMP-optimised pages. Italy and France came second and third on the list, with 84% and 77% of top news stories being AMP-optimised respectively. 68% of top news stories in the USA were AMP-optimised, just ahead of the UK on 66%. Amazingly, top of the list was India, where 100% of Google news results showed the AMP icon. This is despite having no AMP top stories shown on the 1st of January 2017. The report points to this sharp upward spike in India as evidence that Google is pushing AMP around the world, and that publishers not using it should “climb aboard” quickly.