Amazon Set To Overtake Flipkart In India

Amazon is set to overtake Flipkart as the top ecommerce site in India, according to research by 7Park Data. Currently, Flipkart accounts for 30.7% of mobile ecommerce in the country, compared to Amazon which is just behind in second place with 30.3%. However, Amazon is experiencing much stronger growth, with its traffic growing by 46% in 2016, compared to Flipkart which actually saw a decrease in traffic of 11%. If these trajectories continue, then Amazon is almost certain to overtake Flipkart to become the top ecommerce site in India by the end of the year. Amazon has been investing heavily in the Indian ecommerce market, having recently poured 5 billion US dollars' worth of funds into the country, and has said that it considers India to be its second most important market after the US.