Amazon Pushes Further Into India

Amazon is pushing further into India, with a three-day nationwide promotion. It was reported that the ecommerce giant hit record daily sales in the country after its 'Great Indian Sale'. Amazon India said the first day of the sale was their “biggest day ever”, with several categories performing well, including software, which saw an increase in sales of 1,000%. The company also recently launched its Prime subscription service for the first time in India, which will offer free one and two day deliveries to customers, and access to Amazon Prime Video. However, the rival ecommerce marketplace Flipkart, which also recently held a nationwide sale, has launched its own content programme, Content-2-Commerce. In an attempt to take on Amazon's Prime service in the fight for traffic in India, Flipkart is working with multiple online content creators to give users access to many different forms of content, including video and written articles. Flipkart claims that within a week of its launch, one million people had already used the service.