Almost Half Of Internet Users Do Not Trust The Internet

Research by Ipsos and CIGI has found that almost half of all internet users do not trust the internet. The study looked at attitudes towards the internet from almost 25,000 people in 24 different countries. It found that 49% said they did not trust the internet, with the top reason for this being the belief that the internet is not secure. Other common reasons included the belief that the internet was not reliable, and that it is controlled by corporate elites and governments. Over half, 55%, also said that they were more concerned about online privacy this year compared to last year. When asked who they were afraid of, cybercriminals came top of the list, closely followed by internet companies and governments. The study also found that whilst mobile payments were very popular in developing countries, much fewer people in developed countries were comfortable with making payments on their mobile phones. The results of the study show that online companies must take user security and privacy seriously if they want to avoid losing customers.