Alibaba Signs Deal With Thai Government

Alibaba has established a new deal in Thailand that will encourage ecommerce growth in the country. The deal with the Thai government calls on Lazada, the leading ecommerce platform in Thailand, to provide ecommerce training to 30,000 business in the country. The Alibaba controlled site, Lazada, currently has over 30 million page visits per month, compared to the next biggest site, Advice, which has around 3 million page visits per month. Alibaba will also work with Thailand Post to improve delivery and logistics in the country for online retail businesses. The country's deputy Prime Minister said that all responsibilities of the deal had been “assigned to a taskforce made up of government agencies and private enterprises” which will work to “lift the export capabilities of Thai businesses”. Key areas affected by the deal were listed in a statement that included the building of a “National E-Commerce Platform”, and the collaboration of the government and Alibaba “on the creation of a nationwide People and Talent Development Program”.