Alibaba Looking To Work With Brands Globally

Alibaba has announced that it intends to begin working with different brands from all around the world. This will be helped by its new Uni Marketing framework, which is designed to help it develop relationships with Western advertisers. Alibaba says that the software helps brands better analyse data in order to identify and target consumers. The company also offers Uni Communication, a media and advertising tool, and Uni Operation, which helps brands create personalised content. Alibaba's CMO Chris Tung told The Drum that the company was “running a totally different marketplace to Amazon” by supporting partners so they could build their brands through Alibaba's data capability. Tung was also keen to stress that the company was open, collaborative and looking to do business anywhere. Recently, the French advertising agency Publicis became the first company to use the marketing tools, saying it was “delighted” to be working with Alibaba.