AI To Sit Chinese Uuniversity Entrance Exams

It has been announced that when Chinese students take their university entrance exams next year, they will be joined by a robot! The government-funded AI project will take the country's notoriously difficult gaokao test, along with nearly 10 million Chinese students. The AI, which has been called the “Gaokao Robot”, will take the Language, Maths and Culture tests with the aim of scoring highly enough to meet the requirements for university. It is reported that the machine will be able to read and understand questions, as well as using common sense and use outside knowledge. Built under China's 863 program, the robot's best score so far has been 115 out of 150 on a maths test. However, the builders of the AI believe that by the middle of next year, when it will sit the test, it will be good to take part in the top-tier maths exam.