Advertising Starts Focus On Social Media

Social media has become the major focus of product advertising, according to data released by advertising company, Kenshoo. The research shows that the spend on Dynamic Product Ads is continuing to increase, nearly doubling since the end of 2015, as retailers push to promote items over social media apps, Facebook and Instagram. Added to this, the industry spend on social video ads has increased more than 150% since last year, making up over 22% of all social media ad spending. Meanwhile, Google has seen spending on its Product Listing Ads shoot up as well, with an 87% increase in the same time period. This increase in spend on social media has contributed to higher levels of engagement on social advertising, with a 40% growth in clicks since Q4 2015. Kenshoo said that this ‚Äúdemonstrates social advertisers' growing confidence‚ÄĚ in the available advertising types, whilst increased click rates show that ‚Äúconsumers are more willing to engage‚ÄĚ.