A guide to the different varieties of Chinese

Understanding which form of Chinese to use in your marketing efforts can be a challenge. This is because “Chinese” is not a single language. Different varieties of Chinese are used in different countries, so it is essential that you understand which varieties are used where, so that you can use the correct version in your marketing materials when targeting these markets. Getting mixed up between Simplified Chinese vs. Traditional Chinese, or Mandarin vs. Cantonese, could be a costly mistake – both in terms of money and your brand's reputation. This guide will clear up the confusion and provide you with an explanation of the different types of written and spoken Chinese and where they are used. From reading this guide, you will learn:

  • where exactly the world's Chinese speakers are distributed
  • which countries use Simplified Chinese vs. Traditional Chinese as their written language
  • which countries use Mandarin vs. Cantonese as their spoken language

Whether you are just getting started with marketing in a Chinese-speaking market or if you want to expand to more markets, this guide is a must for anyone wanting to gain a fuller understanding of which varieties of the written and spoken Chinese language are used where.