$5 Million To Be Invested In Quebec Digital Retail

An investment of around 5 million Canadian dollars is being made into the digital retail industry in Quebec. At the moment, only 14% of retailers in the region have a website from which customers can make direct purchases, a figure which is below the Canadian average. Dominique Anglade, the minister responsible for the Digital Agenda in Quebec, said that the investment will assist offline businesses in making a transition online. Anglade said that it was important for the government to get involved in the industry, so that retailers could make the most out of online opportunities. The announcement comes as the Quebec government continues to work with providers to deliver a new, high-speed internet service to the state. The government assistance in creating more opportunities for retailers was welcomed by the Quebec Retail Council, which commented that an increased online presence would “allow retailers to sell in Quebec, as well as export their know-how and ingenuity around the world”.