22% Of Online Brits Use Ad Blockers

Ad blocking software is currently used by less than 25% of users in the UK, according to a report from the Internet Advertising Bureau. Currently, it is believed that only 22% of Brits online use the software, a number which is not growing. IAB UK's chief executive, Jon Mew, said that the predicted increase of the use of ad blocking by companies including Apple and Samsung “hasn't materialised”. He believed that users now realised that “they cannot access free content without seeing the advertising that funds it”. Meanwhile, Charlotte Palfrey from the analytics company Ovum said that to combat the use of ad blockers, advertisers had to “raise their game”. She said that "when you read a magazine, adverts are part of the experience” but said that “no-one has ever got excited about an internet advertising campaign". Another survey from YouGov found that one in five adults who have previously downloaded ad blocking software do not currently use it.