Zalando Launches New Fashion App Fleek

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The European fashion ecommerce company Zalando has launched a new fashion app called Fleek. The app, which is in German and is currently only available on iOS, aims to “inspire” users by showing them fashion items. The app shows users pictures of new fashion trends each time they tap on the app, and also links to over 1,000 brands and their social media channels. Fleek contains several in-app fashion stores, meaning that users can view fashion items, be inspired, and buy these items all without leaving the app. Fleek is just the latest app that Zalando has launched in its attempt to dominate the fashion-as-a-service market in Germany and other European countries. It also owns the branded Zalando app, Zipcart, Seen At and Movmnt. Zalando saw its online sales grow by 36% last year. It sold over 3 billion US dollars' worth of clothes and shoes in 2015, with Germany, Austria and Switzerland being the company's biggest markets. 

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