Yandex Works With SSPs To Expand Advert Reach

The change currently only affects mobile traffic

The Russian search engine Yandex is now working with external Sell Side Platforms (SSPs), which sell traffic via real-time bidding, to expand the reach of Yandex adverts. Contextual advertisers who use Yandex.Direct will now be able to get ad conversions not only from the Yandex Advertising Network, but also from additional ad networks as well. The change currently only affects mobile traffic, and advertisers do not need to do anything for the change to take place. Yandex's system will monitor the performance of your ads on these other ad networks and will stop your ads from showing on websites that are not deemed to be profitable. Advertisers also have the option of putting sites on a block list, if they do not want their ads to be shown on them. SSP ad data can be viewed in the Report Wizard 2.0, which includes information such as the number of impressions and clicks. 

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