Yandex Sees Strong Q4 2015 Growth

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The Russian internet giant Yandex saw strong growth in the 4th quarter of 2015. Figures released by the company reveal that in Q4, Yandex generated revenues worth 18.09 billion Rubles, up 23% on the same period the previous year. When looking at the whole of 2015, Yandex saw revenues climb 18% on 2014 to 59.8 billion Rubles. Breaking this down, advertising revenue rose 22% and “other” revenue rose a staggering 129%. Yandex's taxi hailing app service, Yandex.Taxi, was behind most of this growth. When looking at the Russian internet market as a whole, the data revealed that Yandex's share of the search market had grown to 57.3%. Google's share also rose, to 35.2%, whilst Search saw a fall in popularity. Russia has an internet penetration rate of 59%, equivalent to 84 million people. 

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