Yandex Report Wizard Shows Bid Adjustment Statistics

Bid adjustments allow advertisers to target users who display certain behaviours

Yandex Report Wizard now has a new section displaying detailed statistics for bid adjustments based on target audience. It is possible for advertisers on Yandex to alter their bids for people who display certain behaviours, for example increasing bids for users who have visited their website at least once in the last month but not converted. In order to see detailed statistics about these bid adjustments, advertisers should go to Yandex Report Wizard and select the “Retargeting list (adjustment)” option. This will bring up a column containing the various options available, such as impressions, clicks, click-through rate, conversions, ROI, and many more. Advertisers simply need to select the ones they want. Yandex hopes that this update will help advertisers gain a deeper understanding of the impact these bid adjustments are having on their campaigns. 

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