What Should International Businesses Be Aware Of When Targeting China Through Search?

The Latest Insights from International Online Marketing

I would always want to ask my clients about their customers. Do they already have customers in China? We've had inquiries where people say "we want to get into China because we heard there is a huge opportunity", but actually the products they sell are probably are not going to sell in China, and they are going to spend a lot. So first of all, do they have a customer base in China? Do we know any information about their customer? Again, back to the context of China, this is a huge country we're talking about. If you are going to target the whole region of China, your budget will not last very long, so the ideal situation is, we start to test a few top selling regions, like a few cities, or provinces to start with. Once we know there is a customer base in China, then we need to figure out what tracking platform the client would like to use. Because some clients really worry that their website information could be hijacked by the government. They refuse to install any tracking code to from Baidu. So we need to know how we can track performance through the Baidu PPC campaign or even another search engine in China. If we do not know how the sale is converted, or where it converted, we could not do a great job there. I think we also need to know if the website is mobile compatible. As we mentioned earlier, mobile is so important to nearly 83%. 83% of people actually use mobile. And because it is that important, on Baidu they make that compulsory. So the minimum bid of your mobile can be only like 10% of your PC bid.

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