WeChat Growth In China Begins To Slow

Rival Weibo has seen a resurgence in China

A Social Media Impact Report conducted by Kantar has shown that WeChat's growth in China is beginning to slow down. WeChat's growth is being eaten into by a resurgence of Weibo in the country. According to data collected by the survey, Weibo is becoming increasingly popular amongst most age groups, with those born in the 1990s giving it an approval rating of nearly 80 out 100. The survey looked into user worries about the social media landscape in the country, and found that increasing numbers of people were taking measures to control the negative impact of such platforms. 89% of respondents said they had taken steps to use social media less. It was found that 54% had consciously limited their time on social media, with 39% staying away from it during special occasions, such as when spending time with family. 23% had gone even further by completely removing social media apps that they felt had “disturbed” their lives. 

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