VisitBritain Launches 2016 Global Marketing Campaign

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VisitBritain has launched its 2016 international digital marketing campaign to attract holidaymakers to the UK. The campaign is aimed at tourists from the US, France, Germany and Brazil and is called the “Home of Amazing Moments” campaign. It will run for 3 months and aims to showcase the diversity of attractions, events, cultures and natural landscapes in the British Isles. The first stage of the campaign will include a short film on VisitBritain's Facebook and Instagram pages and a push to drive people to a special website,, being used for the campaign. On the OMGB website, tourists will be invited to share their experiences of visiting Britain to enter a competition to win a trip to the UK. The second stage of the campaign will see tourists being asked to upload pictures of their trips to Britain on social media, using the hashtag #OMGB. Tourism is expected to generate over £26 billion for the British economy in 2016. 

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