VK Introduces Geo-Targeting, Live Streaming And Stories

VK is the most popular social network in Russia

The popular Russian social network VK has introduced several new features: geo-targeting for adverts, live streaming and stories. The new geo-targeting feature means that advertisers can now target their adverts at users in a particular location. To use the feature, advertisers simply need to create an advert and select a location on a map. They must then choose a radius, which can range from 500 metres to 100 kilometres. The advert will be shown only within this area. Geo-targeting is available for all advertising formats. With live streaming, users can broadcast a video of themselves live to their followers. When a person goes live, their friends and followers get a notification informing them. Viewers can leave comments, stickers and hearts to show their appreciation. VK Live is available as an app through the Apple App Store. And finally, with VK Stories, users can post photos and short videos that are visible for just 24 hours. Users can decorate these photos and videos with stickers and text. All these features have been used for some time by the world's biggest social networks, showing that VK is finally catching up with its global counterparts. 

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