Using Psychology In International Ecommerce

Guido Jansen uses his past in psychology to open up new areas of growth in ecommerce.

Where do ecommerce and psychology meet?

There are many ways in which website user experience can be improved through research and testing. Guido Jansen from Euroflorist has a background in psychology, but now works in ecommerce. He joins us to explain how the science can be used to improve a business' understanding of its customers and which techniques to use to persuade people to buy. He also talks about how psychology plays a part in testing, and how the results can be applied to online usability.

Find out more about:

  • The role of phsychology in testing
  • How test results can be applied online


Using his knowledge of psychology, Guido Jansen now assists businesses in examining consumer behaviour in online environments and publicly speaking around the world.

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