Using Blogs to Support International SEO

Marcin Chirowski offers his insight to the value of a blog to international businesses...

What value does blogging have to a business' SEO strategy?

With the existence of more and more online platforms on which to share a wide variety of content, do blogs still have a place in a digital content strategy? Marcin Chirowski, Global Head of SEO and Content marketing at EF Englishlive thinks they do, and joins us to explain how to build a successful blog, ways to generate new and relevant content ideas and how to scale blog content to reach a global audience and support international SEO efforts.

Marcin Chirowski is Head of Global Content Marketing at EF and has 9 years' worth of experience in digital marketing. He prides himself in taking a holistic approach to online marketing that combines website optimisation, content marketing, strategy, analytics and data. Although physically based in the UK, he has run successful international content marketing campaigns for many B2C clients in more than 20 languages. When he's not heading up a dazzling content marketing campaign, Marcin is also a regular conference speaker.

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