Use Spanglish When Targeting US Hispanics

Different types of Hispanics display different online behaviours

Research by Culturati and Nielsen has investigated how best to target US Hispanics online. It found that ads that used “Spanglish” – a mixture of Spanish and English – were good at connecting with Hispanics, so long as they were respectful of both languages and cultures. The study also found significant differences in the buying behaviours of different types of Hispanics. It found that those who were classed as “culturally Hispanic” had the highest levels of brand loyalty, with 70% saying that they always bought from the same brands. More than three-quarters said that they deliberately sought out stores that sold Hispanic products. 37% of US Hispanics are classed as “culturally Hispanic”. The 19% of US Hispanics who are classed as “culturally American” were least likely to seek out Hispanic products, with just 17% doing so. 59% said that they always bought from the same brands, with price, novelty and practicality being the main concerns for this group of people. 44% of US Hispanics are classed as bicultural, and they fall somewhere in between when it comes to actively seeking Hispanic products. Factors such as price, quality and social interactions are important when making purchase decisions. 

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