Turkey To Force International Companies To Pay Taxes

Ecommerce companies selling in Turkey may have to pay tax

The Turkish government has announced that it wants to force international ecommerce companies to pay taxes in Turkey if they sell to Turkish customers. Currently, foreign ecommerce sites do not pay any tax in Turkey, even if they sell items directly to Turkish customers. The proposed taxes would be applied to all revenues generated in the country, bringing them in line with the way that domestic ecommerce sites are taxed. Speaking about the draft law, the Minister of Finance in Turkey said: “A global e-trade firm will be a taxpayer in our country if it sell products directly to consumers in Turkey continuously”. If the draft law is passed, it could lead to a substantial amount of money being taxed. According to the Turkish Payment and Electronic Money Institution, Turks spent the equivalent of 331 million Euros on foreign ecommerce sites last year, with this figure set to triple by 2020. 

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