Top Brands In China Revealed

Alipay and WeChat were the 'most relevant' brands

Alipay and WeChat have been named as the 'most relevant' brands for Chinese customers. The survey questioned over 10,000 Chinese consumers in the most cosmopolitan areas, which consisted of all tier 1 and tier 2 cities. It revealed that the Alibaba-affiliated payment service, Alipay, and the mobile app WeChat beat global, non-Chinese brands such as Visa, Marriott, Ford, and Adidas. This comes as Alibaba reported a 55% rise in sales over Q2, and a revenue of 5 billion US dollars in the three months leading up to October. Interestingly, there were also no household brands that appeared in the top 50, which was predominantly made up of aspirational brands such as Audi and Shangri-La Hotels. Apple appeared on the list in 27th place, despite being top of the list in the equivalent American survey, likely due to falling sales and strong competition in the Chinese market. 

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