The Popularity Of Short Mobile Videos In China

Women aged 24-30 are the largest consumers

Research by Analysys International Qianfan has found that women aged between 24 and 30 are the largest consumers of short videos on mobile in China. “Mobile short videos” are very popular in China, and are defined as videos that are 20 minutes in length or shorter, created on a mobile and uploaded online or to an app to be shared by other users. The study looked at the demographics of people who used short video apps and found that 62% were female, and 43% were aged 24 to 30. Under 24s accounted for only 9% of users, whilst users aged 31 to 40 accounted for 28%, showing that it is something that is more popular amongst the older cohort than the very young. The most popular short video apps are MiaoPai, Toutiao Video, Kuaishou and Meipai. 

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