The Opportunities In The Emerging African Market

Why brands must enter Africa now to have first-mover advantage

Understanding the potential of Africa

Jes Scholz, the Chief Marketing Officer at Ringier Emerging Markets, joins us to talk about Africa and the emerging opportunities in that region. She explains what kind of products African consumers and businesses are interested in, and which sectors are booming. She also discusses the prevalence of ecommerce in the continent and the opportunities provided by brand loyalty for brands willing to seize the first-mover advantage.

Learn more about:

  • The importance of localisation
  • Which channels and platforms are most popular in Africa
  • The opportunities offered by VR and video

Jes works from Berlin as CMO of Ringier AG's Emerging Markets team. Having worked in marketing her whole career, Jes has invaluable experience in digital marketing, product ownership and emerging markets. She regularly speaks at conferences around the world, as well as working around the world in places like Nairobi.

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