The Importance Of Conversions For SEO

Stephen Kenwright from Branded3 joins us to talk about why SEO and CRO perhaps aren't as separated as they once were.

The relationship between SEO and Conversion

Whilst SEO and Conversions are usually separate subjects, advances in SEO are leading to it having more of an impact on conversion rates. Stephen Kenwright from Branded3 joins us to discuss the changes that have led to SEOs and CROs needing to work more closely, and how businesses can optimise for both rankings and conversions.

Find out more about:

  • The relationship between SEO and CRO
  • Why teams should work more closely together
  • The need for skilled employees to communicate with each other

Stephen has worked for Branded3 since 2012, and has worked his way up through the company to become its director of search. As a well-experienced search professional, he has also worked as a judge on The Drum's Search Awards panel.

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