Tax Law Change Affects Americans Buying From EU Sites

The duty-free limit has risen to $800 per day

European online shopping for American customers has become much easier this week, as the duty-free limit per day jumps to $800. Up from the previous daily limit of $200, this comes following an alteration to the Tariff Act signed by President Barack Obama. It comes as a welcome change to luxury brands in the EU, such as German foot wear company Shoepassion, whose products are mostly priced above the previous $200 limit, meaning shoppers in the United States had to pay tax on their items. Tobias Borner from Shoepassion, said that sales had been growing since the company launched an English language website, but that the site is aimed at the UK market. With US customers used to paying the extra tax, the increase in the duty-free limit is expected to cause the sales of high quality brands across the EU to increase. 

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