TV Ad Spend Directly Effects App Growth

Revenue far exceeds TV ad spend in 77% of apps

A study has revealed that the fastest growing mobile apps owe a large amount of their growth to television advertising.The results of the study by What's App'ning, show that there is a 77% correlation between TV advertising and 60 of the most popular mobile apps.Sean Cunningham, President & CEO of the Video Advertising Bureau, said that “digital products and platforms rely on TV advertising to deliver customers in real scale”, delivering profit in almost every instance.The popular gaming app Clash of Clans, which averages a TV advertising spend of around 4 and a half million US dollars every month, lost 17% of unique visitors when adverts went off air, from nearly 12 million to just over 10 million.However, the Clash of Clans expected revenue far exceed the advertising budget, with around 36 million dollars' worth of monthly sales; with other apps seeing similar patterns.

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