Study Reveals Bangladeshi Mobile Internet Landscape

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Bangladesh has ranked higher than its larger neighbours India and Pakistan for the proportion of citizens who have mobile internet subscriptions. In the world internet rankings report put together by the ITU and UNESCO, Bangladesh came 149th out of 189 countries for the proportion of mobile internet subscriptions in the population. 6.4% of Bangladeshis have a mobile internet subscription, compared to 5.5% of Indians and 5.1% of Pakistanis, whose countries ranked 155th and 156th in the world respectively. While 6.4% is still very low, there is great potential for mobile internet subscription rates to rise, with around 40% of Bangladeshis having an internet-enabled mobile phone. A spokesperson from the consulting firm BCG described Bangladesh as “one of the greatest untapped growth markets in Asia”. In September, the social media giant Twitter recognised Bangladesh's potential by expanding its advertising platform to the country as part of a large international rollout. 

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