Snapchat Gets Set For Its IPO

Snapchat also recently launched its own advertising platform

Snapchat's parent company, Snap, is this week expected to publish its public stock offering paperwork. It will be the first time the company has revealed how much its public valuation is, although it has been estimated that it is somewhere between 20 and 25 billion US dollars. It comes just as Snapchat has moved to increase its value to brands around the world. The company has recently launched its own advertising platform, which takes many of its cues from Facebook's model. Announced at the end of January, the picture messaging company has even taken many of its advertising partners from Facebook in an attempt to catch up to its larger rival. People in the digital advertising industry have commented that the only way Snapchat could “get a lot of ad buyers” is to have this similar technology. Brands will now be able to bid on ad inventory in a similar way to how it is currently done on Facebook.  

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