Snapchat Driving Influencer Marketing In Germany

Snapchat is especially popular amongst teenagers

Influencer marketing is expanding in Germany due to the video-based social media app Snapchat. A study from Germany's HDE University shows that 16% of users became aware of a brand through an influencer's Snapchat post, and 6% said their attitudes towards a brand were changed by a post. Also revealed was that 11% of users followed a brand after it was recommended to them by an influencer. It was also found that a significant majority of the country's Snapchat userbase were teenagers, with nearly 70% being under the age of 19, and 2.4% being younger than 14. Statistics such as this have arguably even lead to Snapchat announcing this week that it intends to crack down on what it calls “overly-sexualised” images in its discovery feature. The company said that it hopes to be able to “keep Snapchat an informative, factual and safe environment for everyone”. 

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