Smartphone And Tablet Use Surges In Germany

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Smartphone and tablet use is surging in Germany, according to research by BurdaForward. The study found that almost 80% of Germans have a smartphone and 46% have a tablet. These devices are being used extensively to access the internet, with 84% of smartphone owners saying that they used their device every day to surf the web. The number of people who said they used their tablet to access the web every day was also high, at 62%. Users tended to use their devices for prolonged periods of time, with 35% of smartphone internet users spending over an hour online on their device every day, with this figure jumping up to 42% amongst tablet internet users. Ecommerce is a popular activity for German smartphone and tablet users, with almost 40% of smartphone users and 57% of tablet users having bought something online using their device. Germany has an internet penetration rate of 87%, equivalent to 72 million people. 

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