Scandinavian Ecommerce Market 2015 Revealed

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Research by PostNord has revealed that Scandinavians spent around 17.4 billion Euros on ecommerce sites last year, an increase of 15% on the previous year. The most popular product categories were clothes and shoes, media and home electronics. An increasing number of online shoppers bought items using a mobile device. Around a quarter of Danes and Norwegians accessed ecommerce sites using a tablet, and 1 in 5 Swedes accessed ecommerce sites using a smartphone. When looking at the average amount an online shopper spent during 2015, Norway came top at 369 Euros, followed by Sweden with an average yearly spend of 313 Euros, with Denmark and Finland coming in third and fourth place with 291 Euros and 249 Euros respectively. They are not averse to buying from foreign stores, with 40% of Scandinavians admitting to engaging in cross-border ecommerce. 

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