Ringier To Expand To East Africa

Ringier is a news and ecommerce company

The Swiss media company Ringier is expanding its successful African news and ecommerce platforms to the east coast of the continent. Having had a presence in countries such as Kenya and Tanzania since 2011, the success of Ringier's news network P Live in West Africa has brought about the expansion. P Live will have its new headquarters in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi and will cover news from East African countries, providing 24/7 coverage on both local and international stories. Ringier will also launch P Promos, an ecommerce platform available to East African merchants of all sizes and sectors. The company has confirmed that it will be working with local partners on the expansion, whilst also using its own experience on the continent. Even with the move east, it was also confirmed by Ringier's sister company RADG that it will still be “focusing on the Nigerian ecommerce market” with sites such as the product directory website Lyf. 

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