Research Reveals Global Social Commerce Trends

Electronics and fashion are the most popular categories worldwide

Research by has uncovered global social commerce trends. It found that electronics and fashion were the two most popular categories of items, with home and furniture items coming in third place, and entertainment products coming in fourth. It also found that around 56% of social commerce sales are done on a mobile device, with the majority of these being run by Android. The most popular day for social commerce was Tuesday, with the most popular time being between 7pm and 9pm. Sunday was the least popular day for social commerce. There were regional differences, however. The UK bucked the trend for the most popular items, with home and fashion being the most popular product categories there. It also went against the trend for the most popular mobile operating system for social commerce, with most sales being done on iOS devices. Furthermore, mainland Europe saw lower than average levels of people buying from mobile devices, with France seeing particularly low levels of mobile buyers. There were also differences in the most popular day for engaging in social commerce. Whilst Tuesday was most popular globally, Wednesday came top in Brazil. 

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