Research Reveals Extent Of Ad Blocking Worldwide

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Research by comScore and Sourcepoint has revealed that ad blocking is far more common in Europe than the US. Ad blocking software stops adverts from appearing on web browsers. Users install them for a variety of reasons, for example because they find adverts annoying or because they are worried about their data being collected. The study found that people in France are most likely to use ad blocking software, where over a quarter of internet users use ad blockers. Similarly high rates are found in Germany, where 24% use ad blocking software. US internet users are much less likely to use ad blockers, however, where just 9% of use the technology. The research also revealed that ad blocking was much more common on desktops than mobiles. When looking at mobile ad blocking, less than 1% of mobile internet users from all European and North American countries used the software. Looking at age, younger internet users are more likely than older internet users to use ad blockers in all countries studied. 

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