Research Reveals Biggest Digital Growers And Slowers

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Researchers from Tufts University have revealed which countries' digital economies are growing the fastest. It measured countries' digital economies based on supply-side factors, demand-side factors, innovations and institutions. Based on these measures it categorised countries into four groups: stand out, stall out, break out or watch out. Stand out countries are those that are highly digitally developed and are continuing to develop strongly, and include the US, South Korea, the UAE, Switzerland and New Zealand. Stall out countries are those that are highly digitally developed but whose growth is slowing down. Countries such as Japan, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries are in this category. Break out countries are those that are not very digitally developed but are seeing signs of growth. China, India, Mexico, Brazil and South Africa are in this group. In order to continue their growth, they need to improve their often poor infrastructure. Watch out countries are those which are not very digitally developed and are not showing any signs of improvement. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Hungary and Slovenia are all in this category. 

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