Programmatic Advertising In Germany On The Rise

Programmatic advertising in Germany rose by 52% in 2016

Research by BVDW has found that programmatic advertising in Germany rose by 52% in 2016, totalling 592 million Euros. The higher than expected growth rate means that programmatic accounted for a third of all digital ad spend in 2016, up from 23% in 2015. The sudden rise in uptake is thought to be due to the fact that a code of conduct was introduced for programmatic advertising in the country in 2016. The code of conduct set industry standards for “transparency, quality and safety”, which had been major sticking points that had prevented many advertisers from adopting programmatic sooner. With the code of conduct now in place, BVDW predicts that programmatic ad spend in Germany will rise by 46% this year, to total around 45% of all digital ad spend. 

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