Pinterest Launches Search Advertising

Pinterest sees 2 billion searches a month

Pinterest has announced the introduction of search advertising on its platform. After testing the idea for some time, the introduction of the new ad product will make the app more attractive to marketers across the world. Pinterest's Jon Kaplan said that over 50% of its unique monthly users are accounted for by people using the platform to search for products and ideas, before adding that there were 2 billion searches on the site each month. Similar to the cost-per-click model used by Google, search ads on Pinterest will be sold via a digital auction. However, unlike Google's system, Pinterest's ads will be more heavily focused on images. The company has also signed a deal with the ad buying software company Kenshoo to assist in getting the new system up and running quickly. Kaplan said of the rollout that it was a “big new opportunity” for marketers, since people searching on Pinterest are usually unsure of exactly what they're looking for, allowing brands to engage with new customers. 

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